Inspirational Mover - Truong Nguyen

November 18, 2020

Truong Nguyen is an avid cyclist and runner. He is a professional photographer by day and owns TNP, a photography business turned creative agency. He is also currently working as a Creative Producer for Forbes. In this Movement Stories interview, Truong tells us how he found his passion for cycling and running while defeating his diabetes along the way. We talk about the importance of longevity in movement, focusing on long-term goals as motivation, and how inspiration comes from the community around you.

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Inspirational Mover - Marion Crampe

October 20, 2020

Marion Crampe is a world-renowned pole dancer and hair hanging artist. As part of her creative process, she regularly collaborates with other artists across mediums and industries. She has been featured numerous times in mainstream media including ESPN and the Ellen Degeneres Show. She exudes artistry in everything she does and in this Movement Stories interview, she explains how she finds art and inspiration in all aspects of life. We talk about the power of creating art and connecting with people through collaborations. This interview left us immediately wanting to create and move.

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Inspirational Mover - Gunnar Field

October 05, 2020

This week, we met with Gunnar Field aka the Splits Whisperer. He is an internationally acclaimed contortion & hand-balancing coach. Circus artists, contortionists, pole dancers, aerialists, athletes all go to him for proven results. In his Movement Story, we touch on the value of building a good act as a solo performer, his desire for wider diversity in contortion, and the importance of carrying kindness with you to your training practice.

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Inspirational Mover - Suwasit

September 22, 2020

A very Happy and Belated Birthday to one of the sweetest and sassiest movers we know. Suwasit (aka Polefessor) is a dancer, pole dancer, aerialist, personal coach, choreographer and so much more. In his Movement Story, we discuss what it takes to takes to stay motivated as an instructor during a time when motivation is in short supply. We also examine how, being present and remembering why you got into movement in the first place, can help you provide the best possible learning experience for your diverse student base.

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Inspirational Mover - Marlo Fisken

September 09, 2020

We're back with another Movement Stories interview and more Marlo Fisken! We were so fortunate to have the opportunity to interview Marlo a few months ago. She is an influential mover to many, especially in the pole dance industry. Marlo specializes in circular, seamless flowing movements on the floor and the pole. Her brand Flow Movement was created out of her desire to share the benefits of fluid, creative, dance-based movement with the world.

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Inspirational Mover - Bonnie Zhou

August 11, 2020

We had the pleasure of chatting with Bonnie Zhou, who works in tech by day and dances by night. Bonnie's movement story takes us through her history and relationship with dance. During her interview, we talk about the communal aspects of dance and how her background influences her movement today; a blend of pole dance and hip-hop styles together that creates mesmerizing exploratory movement.

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Inspirational Mover - Jordan Kensley

May 28, 2020

We sat down with Jordan Kensley, a Los Angeles based pole dancer and bodyworker (she's a certified Structural Integration Practitioner). We discuss how movement is a language, what it means to listen to your body, and how to prioritize moving for yourself. Jordan also shares her knowledge of Structural Integration, SESTA/FOSTA, and more.

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Inspirational Mover - Heidi Coker

April 10, 2020

We were fortunate to connect with Heidi Coker, a former gymnast turned pole artist, who is also a sign language interpreter and small business owner. In this interview we discuss everything from mindfulness in movement (one of our favorite topics), to what it takes to honor your own practice and progress in a time when motivation can be difficult to find. Watch the full interview for more in depth answers to the questions below and to find out what's coming up next for Heidi.

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Inspirational Mover - Rhyn Cheung

March 09, 2020

I met Rhyn in 2015 at PSO's Pacific Pole Championship when we competed in the same category. There was a judging snafu that year and he was awarded first place and myself second. The next morning we each woke to an email telling us they had missed the numbers for another dancer. Rhyn was awarded second and I was dropped to fourth. In any case, just like my experience with Candi Marie, watching Rhyn was an altogether otherworldly experience. His style, artistry, and subtle strength in motion leave you wishing there was a remote to stop time, rewind, and binge-watch ad nauseam.

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Inspirational Mover - Candi Marie

February 17, 2020

*waves arms* Jessica here, I had the pleasure of meeting Candi backstage at PSO's 2019 Northwest Pole Championship. We were competing in the same category and chatted briefly while warming up. All the usual niceties - Where are you from? What do you do, etc. Except, I had already searched Candi's stage name on YouTube and I already knew she was an incredible performer and mover. Her Low Flow piece that day did not disappoint. 

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Inspirational Mover - Roz The Diva Mays

February 03, 2020

There are so many things we absolutely love about Roz. She has been tirelessly working to spread the message that plus-size athletes are still athletes. Their achievements and the representation they bring to their sports matters and is vitally important.

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Inspirational Mover - Emily Lola Tan

January 21, 2020

When it comes to serious inspiration in the movement world, one of the individuals we can't get enough of is Emily Lola Tan ( @theemilytan ). We honestly don't think there's anything she can't do.

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