Inspirational Mover - Heidi Coker

April 10, 2020

Heidi Coker performing on stage at Pole Art

We were fortunate to connect with Heidi Coker, a former gymnast turned pole artist, who is also a sign language interpreter and small business owner. In this interview, we discuss everything from mindfulness in movement (one of our favorite topics), to what it takes to honor your own practice and progress in a time when motivation can be difficult to find. Watch the full interview for more in-depth answers to the questions below and to find out what's coming up next for Heidi.


Please tell us a little bit about yourself!

I'm a 42-year-old woman who has been through a hell of a journey in this life! A free spirit making her way in human form to experience the grandeur of life! Former gymnast, current pole artist, small business owner, sign language interpreter, guardian to 2 beautiful cats, and spiritual gangster!

What kind of mover are you?

The mindful mover.... mostly in pole but also in free form dance, handstands, and a touch of capoeira/break dancing. Inspired by art and how it speaks through us.

What motivates you to move?

An expression of self...and sharing my life story through dance, thoughts and breath.

Who has previously or is currently inspiring you in movement? And why?

Chinese pole circus artists, break dancers, anyone who moves in a unique way, Pushing the boundaries of art and expression.

Can you tell me about a favorite movement moment you experienced and what made that moment so special?

Pole Art 2011. First time I truly showed what I called art, to the world.

What training principles do you live your life by?

Enjoy and trust the process. We are ever-evolving and accepting that is important for us to continue to train with awareness. We grow, develop, change and transform as humans and so does our art and training.

We believe movement is for every body. What does diversity and inclusion in your movement practice mean to you?

Diversity is the spice of life. Being expose to and open to it is necessary for us to learn. Everyone is a student and a teacher. [...] Community support is essential, but there is also beauty in solo work. [...]

What can we expect to see from you soon? Are you working on any personal or business projects right now that you'd like to share?

Soon to release "The Mindful Poler" an intro to mindfulness for pole/aerial dancers! Hosting "Awaken" pole retreat in April of 2020. Continuing to share my love of awakening the spirit within us all, through personal thoughts, mediation, mindfulness, hardcore tricks and slowing things down. Keeping it real and sharing my struggles and triumphs with the world!


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