Inspirational Mover - Roz The Diva Mays

February 03, 2020

4 images of Roz in different poses. From left to right - standing hands on hips, flexing her biceps, using a theraband, in a standing split

There are so many things we absolutely love about Roz. She has been tirelessly working to spread the message that plus-size athletes are still athletes. Their achievements and the representation they bring to their sports matters and is vitally important. A quick search on YouTube will bring up many videos (including Roz's own channel) that feature her positive message. We've been fortunate enough to take her workshops as students, as well as instructor training, to expand our own knowledge of what works and what doesn't for our plus size students. Her experience and insight has helped us be better instructors so we can help our students achieve more. She delivers all of her training with a feisty, no-nonsense, realistic delivery that makes her message and instruction impossible to forget.

Roz smiling as she instructs pole

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm Roz The Diva ( @rozthediva ), your super fav plus-size personal trainer and pole dancer.  I really enjoy pancakes, making money, training my pull-ups, sleeping, and mezcal. -- all things needed to defeat The Patriarchy can kiss my ass.

What kind of mover are you?

If it involves lifting heavy shit or teaching Beyonce how to pole dance, I'm excited about it.  Cardio, on the other hand, can kick rocks.

What motivates you to move?

First, Beyonce doesn't hire whack ass dancers who can't hold a beat or deadlift worth a damn.  Second, I make sure all my personal workouts move me closer to a healthier, more happy athlete.  Some exercises get me closer than others, but every sweaty step in the gym is a step in the right direction.

What are your go-to warm-up and cool down rituals?

Like every other athlete, I hate warming up (but do it anyway).   I often waste about 13 minutes on IG, followed by another 4 minutes deciding what songs I want to hear.  Then and only then am I ready to suffer through 8 whole, entire minutes on the treadmill.

Who has previously or is currently inspiring you in movement? And why?

I love following plus size, female weight lifters.  I didn't know athletes who were my size even existed in, much less excelled at, sports.  Representation matters!

Can you tell me about a favorite movement moment you experienced and what made that moment so special?

In the summer of 2011, I was hired as a pole dancing stunt double for a movie starring Adam Sandler and Lunelle.  Besides getting paid to do something that I love, I got to meet Happy Gilmore in real life. Adam Sandler has been my comedic hero since I was a kid, so that was a pretty cool project.

"No matter what your current physical state is, everyone deserves the benefits of an active lifestyle." -Roz The DivaWhat is one thing you never go to the gym/studio without?

A dry bra for after my workout.

What does diversity and inclusion in your movement practice mean to you?

Inclusivity is the backbone of #teamDIVA.  No matter what your current physical state is, everyone deserves the benefits of an active lifestyle.  I take pride in making space for plus size, disabled, and gender nonconforming athletes because we have a lot of fun together.  I looooove modifying "impossible" exercises for my "misfit" athletes.

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