Inspirational Mover - Vera Kim

January 20, 2020

Vera dancing with a pole on stage during the exogen competition

If you're ever in need of a little movement induced ASMR, look no further than Vera's Instagram account. We're continually inspired by her grace, flow, quiet athleticism, and unreal active flexibility. When she's not traveling and performing stunning pole routines (like for Snoop Dogg or Exotic Generation) you can find her teaching at Ascendance Pole & Aerial Arts.

Vera sitting and leaning against a pole while hugging her legs that are extended up

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I've been dancing as long as I can remember! I have a background in classical ballet, and in 2014 found pole dance.

What kind of mover are you?

I love breathy, sultry, flowy movement. Grounded movement with intention feels great.

What motivates you to move?

I'm a big believer in movement as therapy. I get really crabby when it's been too long since I've been able to let my body move in a creative way. I often will dance out my feelings or emotions--it's super cathartic. Music is another source of inspiration for me. Some songs I just HAVE to dance to.

What are your go-to warm-up and cool down rituals?

I like to dance my warm-up. Even better if it's in the dark. I try to center myself, quiet the internal and external racket and connect with my body. I could definitely be better about cool down rituals... Usually I'm off and running to where I need to be next.

Who has previously or is currently inspiring you in movement? And why?

Marlo Fisken for her creativity, shapes, and effortless organic movement.
Laura Marie for her unique flow and engaging mind.
Simona for her strength, flexibility, and sexiness.
Dalton Rhodes for his ethereal grace and raw sensuality.

"Diversity and inclusion means staying non-judgmental, not only of others, but of myself." -Vera KimWhat is one thing you never go to the gym/studio without?


What does diversity and inclusion in your movement practice mean to you?

Keeping an open mind. Staying non-judgmental, not only of others but of myself. Trying anything once. Being able to learn from anyone.

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