Inspirational Mover - Vera Kim

January 20, 2020

If you're ever in need of a little movement induced ASMR, look no further than Vera's Instagram account. We're continually inspired by her grace, flow, quiet athleticism, and unreal active flexibility. When she's not traveling and performing stunning pole routines (like for Snoop Dogg or Exotic Generation) you can find her teaching at Ascendance Pole & Aerial Arts.

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Inspirational Mover - Lindsay Lambert

January 06, 2020

Lindsay grew up in the Bellevue/Issaquah area of Washington state and has been an athlete all her life. She has a background of 12+ years in competitive swimming (national ranked) and water polo which ultimately lead to her career in teaching. After completing her first of many lifeguard certifications in 1999, she began instructing aquatic based classes at swimming pools, water parks and beaches through 2015.  In 2010, her focus moved in the direction of land-based fitness where she began practicing and teaching Vinyasa Yoga, mat Pilates, PiYo, and TRX (Suspension Training). 

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Inspirational Mover - Dalton Rhodes

November 15, 2019

We've been Instagram stalking Dalton ( ) for longer than we'll ever admit out loud. Yep, take a moment to watch. Go ahead. We're not going anywhere. So now that you've witnessed all of the marvelous low flow goodness just know there may have been some fangirl squeals of excitement when they agreed to an interview.

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Inspirational Mover - Amy Bond

November 08, 2019

Being pole dancers ourselves, pole is a movement form near and dear to our hearts. We are so excited to share an interview with one of our current inspirational movers. Amy Bond is the Owner and Founder of San Francisco Pole & Dance and Oakland Pole & Dance. When she's not busy running her businesses she's providing legal counsel to those in need and adding her creative voice to many current small business & political topics. We honestly don't know how she does it all.

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