DIY Virtual Weekend Pole Retreat

April 01, 2020

"DIY Virtual Weekend Pole Retreat". Quote is overlaid on an image of a pole dancer in a backbend

Hello Friends!

It's been a while since our last update and so many things have changed (and will continue to change). We've been spending a lot of time thinking about how we can best support the wonderful community of pole dancers and instructors currently impacted by COVID-19 while simultaneously enjoying the additional free time to focus on our own at home training and progress. Suddenly it all clicked. Right now there are so many amazing pole instructors offering livestream classes that are not ordinarily offered. These instructors are typically busy travelling from studio to studio and if you'd like to take classes from them the timing has to be just right. So for the sake of putting exciting news at the top of the post we've curated a list of pole instructors who are currently livestreaming workshops this weekend so you can create your own at home Pole Retreat.

We've included a mix of all different styles of movers who are offering classes at a variety of prices ranging from completely free up to $35. Additionally, this is not a sponsored event these are instructors we've been fortunate enough to take classes from that continue to inspire us. If this is well received/helpful we plan on curating more DIY virtual pole, dance, movement "retreats" for everyone.

Friday, April 3

7:30 AM PST - Mindful Moving Flow with Heidi Coker

10:00 AM PST - Flexibility: Back and Shoulders with Phoenix Kazree

10:00 AM PST - Floor Movement (no pole required) with Natasha Wang

11:00 AM PST - Pole Sequencing with Heidi Coker

11:15 AM PST - Pole Tricks: No Inverts Required with Phoenix Kazree

12:30 PM PST - Press it Real Good! Handstands with Heidi Coker

1:00 PM PST - Full Body Fun with Jordan Kensley

5:00 PM PST - Pants + Dance with Jordan Kensley

Saturday, April 4

7:00 AM PST - Quarantine Pole with Heidi Coker

10:00 AM PST - Tumbles for Tight Spaces with Natasha Wang

11:00 AM PST - Sultry Socks with Jordan Kensley

12:00 PM PST - Sexy Flow with Suwasit (book via Facebook)

12:00 PM PST - Exotic Choreography with Claudia Renee

2:00 PM PST - High Heels/Low Flow with Jordan Kensley

5:00 PM PST - Flow Through Your Feelings with Jordan Kensley

Sunday, April 5

10:00 AM PST - Contemporary Choreo (All Levels) with Sergia

11:00 AM PST - Sunday Funday Flex with Phoenix Kazree

3:00 PM PST - Static Rotations with Natasha Wang


Ok, but what's happening with Exhale Movement?

Evie wearing an Exhale Movement cropped hoodie while in backbend

We found a manufacturer and went through all of the work to build out a tech pack for all of the fun pieces of apparel you've been seeing show up on our Instagram. And then they ghosted us. Poof. Gone. So we reached out to a few more manufacturers and they just weren't a good fit for a number of reasons. Now we're being faced with the reality that is being a start-up business in a pandemic economy.

We had a few additional ideas running in the background hopper that we feel could have a better chance of thriving and inspiring movers while we all navigate this strange and difficult time. So while we're disappointed that our apparel line dreams have been put on hold we're looking forward to bringing you something unique in the near future.

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Stay safe and wash your hands!

Evie & Jess