Our Story

We started Exhale Movement, LLC based on the singular idea of the deep breath we, as movers, athletes, and creatives, take before we begin our craft. It's the first grounding force anchoring you to your surroundings. It's what calms and centers your focus as a mover, artist, and athlete. It's a practice in and of itself. It is how we remember to once again, breathe.

We are a lifestyle and apparel brand with a focus on movement. Our brand was created with diversity and inclusion built into its core. We believe that movement inspiration can come from a multitude of cross disciplines and our goal is to share the stories and inspiration from many different movers. As we grow and move into apparel and accessory development and sales, we will strive to develop quality items that can be used cross-functionally by as many movers as possible. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to share your story.

Exhale Movement was founded by Evie Gee and Jessica Moak. The two met and continue to work together as pole instructors at Divine Movement Dance, a pole dance studio located in the Greater Seattle Area. While developing duo choreography for a pole dancing competition, they began to discuss different ideas and goals for businesses they were attempting to create separately. The creative choreographic process proved to be a positive and exciting experience for both of them ultimately earning first place at PSO Emerald. Seeing the positive working experience and similar business structures, the two decided to join forces and bring their ideas together. They went to work defining the mission and ideals of what they wanted their company to be and represent. Collectively, they have a background in pole dance, aerial arts, dance, personal and group training, weight lifting, and yoga. 

Our Team

Evie is a Seattle-based visual artist. You may know her as Evie Gee in the pole community. Her movement journey began with ballet and martial arts as a child, but her passion for movement didn’t develop until she was introduced to the fitness world during her college days in Chicago. After moving back to Seattle, her childhood and adult lives melded together when she found pole dancing. As a firm believer in cross-training for all kinds of movement, she became inspired to create a brand that would cater not only to a diverse range of movers and athletes, but also the diverse humans that could potentially wear her product someday. In building this brand with Jessica, they decided on simple and subtle design aesthetics to allow the focus to be on the mover.

Jessica is a Seattle-based project manager specializing in e-learning and readiness training. She began taking dance classes after transferring to a high school that specialized in performing arts and technology. She was hooked on movement from day one. After relocating to Seattle with her wife, she found and fell head over heels for pole dancing and aerial yoga. She became a certified instructor of both and, as such, the owner of a mountain of athleisure clothes. Joining forces with Evie she hopes to create a line of products that movers with find more niche and useful then everyday generic gym gear. She's committed to doing all she can to source products and services from other like-minded businesses and keep pushing the standard higher.

Our Mission

Our mission is to celebrate diversity and inspire inclusivity in every movement artist, dancer, and athlete. We are a lifestyle and apparel brand created with diversity and inclusion built into its core. We believe that movement inspiration can come from a multitude of cross disciplines and our goal is to share the stories and inspiration from many different movers.

Our Products

We aim to offer our made-for-movement, high-quality, and performance designs to as many different movers as possible. We are driven by diversity and aspire to create clothing inspired by varying cultures that make up our world.

We are an athletic wear brand that is inspired by all movement artists and athletes. Our brand is primarily focused on polewear, but intends on reaching beyond the pole dance community and into more movement, sports, and fitness populations.